Chinchilla State School, Western Queensland

Scotch College Residency, Adelaide. May 2015

"Our students enjoyed Sheryl's Author-in-Residence with us. She did a great job appealing to such a range of ages and I appreciate the preparation she put in ahead of time.


Her sessions also inspired the older grades who have not yet read Secrets of Eromanga to continue and use the text in their lessons.


The students have even done some follow up research about the Elliot dinosaur."


Cindy Grimes, Chinchilla State School


Sheryl Gwyther was an absolute pleasure to host in our school library. In preparing for her visit, she was approachable, flexible, organised and interested in what the teachers and students would like to hear and learn about.


Sheryl planned a range of activities for across the year levels (Reception - Year 6) and shared an age-appropriate range of books, stories, experiences and writing tips.


The students particularly loved listening to Sheryl's current writing journey with Vivaldi's Angel and are eagerly awaiting to read it one day soon! Sheryl's other books, including Secrets of Eromanga, Charlie and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Ali Berber and the Forty Grains of Salt have been constantly borrowed by our students since her visit!


Sheryl very kindly shared with us extra information to help follow-up lessons, as well as photos from our sessions and writing tips for the students. She also very kindly offered to be an online support for students interested in writing.

Thank you, Sheryl!


Lucy Dabrowski, T/Librarian, Scotch College Adelaide.

Ashgrove State School, Brisbane

Flash Fiction Writing Program

Storytellers United

Teacher-Librarian: Julie Gwynne-Jones

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you for helping us be better writers. Apart from that we enjoyed just spending time with you! I hope this card gives you some inspiration for another book!

From Kate, aged 10   

Ashgrove State School 

July-August 2015