I love writing short stories ... especially those more usually called FLASH FICTION, flash as in read quickly. So my stories are around the 500 word limit. Five years ago, I set up the Facebook 52-WEEK FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE. Over 140 people joined the challenge. We wrote a story a week, using a preset topic word.


My 52 stories cover many genres – mystery, historical, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, humour, romance and more. Each of the narratives is inspired by a single abstract word, randomly chosen before I started the challenge by a ‘shut-eyes, open dictionary and point’ method. Click below to read a story from the Collection - based on the topic word: whisper.  

Many of my flash fiction stories are published by The School Magazine 2015-18.

My image below was taken in central Tasmania. 

Chinese Whispers by Sheryl Gwyther


The racehorse lived in a paddock at the edge of town. Every day, when Elia McCarthy stopped by on her way to school the horse gazed out across the rolling green hills, one leg more crooked than the others, her black mane long and tangled. She wore a purple blanket with her name in spiky print. Chinese Whisper


       Elia climbed the gate, calling and waving a handful of grass. ‘Whisper, here’s some sweet grass to eat.’


       Every day, the horse limped to the gate, gently snuffling and nibbling the offering from her hand, even though the same grass grew all around the paddock. To Elia’s ten-year-old instinct, the animal’s soft, brown eyes looked sad.


       'That old nag’s not a racehorse.’ At the kitchen table, Connor McCarthy stuffed his face with afternoon tea. ‘Mrs O’Dooley from Finnegan’s Pub told me so, and she heard it off Mr O’Shanagan whose second-cousin’s wife works for Ballantyne’s racing stable.’


There was nothing worse than a big brother who thought he knew everything..... to read more click here