• Sheryl Gwyther

So how's your 'Venice story' going, Sheryl?

Yeah, I hear you, 'faithful followers of THAT novel-in-progress'. It's been a long road; 4 years and 8 months to the day - a shorter journey than the years of creating my recently published novel, Sweet Adversity.

THE FOUR SEASONS OF CATERINA has been one hellava journey too. It's been a splendid journey filled with discoveries - not just while researching 18th C Venetian-Baroque history; the music of that genius son of Venice, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi; travelling to Venice to find the literary and musical footprints of my 13-year-old hero, Caterina and her unique water-bound city, but also an increasing confidence in my own writing style.

Writers often find an image of their imaginary character ... here's my Caterina.

I've cried at her loss of a dear friend; and cheered her courage and perseverance in facing life with a disability, and when she finally begins to believe in her natural ability and talent. Most of all, it's her search for the truth behind her mysterious past, and the realisation of what is truly worthwhile in life - not fame and fortune, but a family of her own to love.

So watch this space, dear friends. I appreciate your support and your belief in my storytelling. This novel will be dedicated to you. One day.

And guess what? I'm well into the first draft of another novel ... this time set in Australia in 1920. I'm REALLY excited by its possibilities, and most of all with my protagonist, 12-year-old, Lela May Heron. Yeah, another mighty girl with a complicated life and mountains to climb ... vulnerable, but with the heart of a lioness. See you on the other side!

PS I can't find the photographer of the image of my imagined Caterina ... it was in a National Geographic from years ago. The full photo is beautiful.