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Why in search of story? I'm a writer, I love words and the images they make. So I blog about my never-ending search for stories ... from my own country of Australia to Europe, and home again ... from first idea, to drafts and edits, to published book. 

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January 15, 2018

I didn't set out to write an historical novel, and according to strict obligatory requirements of the genre, I haven't. Sweet Adversity is an adventure set in the historical times of the Great Depression in Australia, with music and Shakespeare, and a coming-of-age thr...

June 20, 2017

If you're like me, you live in your head much of the time. You can't help it ... it's where your stories first came from, and your characters as well.

But I haven't met an author yet who can keep secret a story that agitates and forces you to write draft after draf...

May 30, 2017

Authors are funny animals. Everyday, we inhabit storybook worlds. We reside in our characters’ heads. And there’s nothing quite like the excitement of fictional characters coming to life in a real book.

Adversity McAllister is someone you won’t know yet, but o...

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November 12, 2018

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