Inspiring 'The Four Seasons of Caterina'

Five years ago, I wrote a flash fiction story set in Venice in the 18th C. With my short stories, I sometimes use the 'narrative device' of delving into the life of a famous figure in the arts, or science, literature or history and asking 'What if?' ... like Michelangelo, Galileo, Macbeth, Lewis Carroll, the Princess of Sparta, Kyniska ... and Venice's most famous son, composer, musician, teacher, the priest, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. My 500 word story was inspired by the theme, AUTUMN, and I called it Vivaldi's Angels. I've been a fan of Vivaldi's music for decades. I collect CDs of his works - and yes, he composed The Four Seasons, but also over 500 concertos, dozens of sacred music works, an

So how's your 'Venice story' going, Sheryl?

Yeah, I hear you, 'faithful followers of THAT novel-in-progress'. It's been a long road; 4 years and 8 months to the day - a shorter journey than the years of creating my recently published novel, Sweet Adversity. THE FOUR SEASONS OF CATERINA has been one hellava journey too. It's been a splendid journey filled with discoveries - not just while researching 18th C Venetian-Baroque history; the music of that genius son of Venice, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi; travelling to Venice to find the literary and musical footprints of my 13-year-old hero, Caterina and her unique water-bound city, but also an increasing confidence in my own writing style. Writers often find an image of their imaginary characte

Sweet Adversity book tour

Sweet Adversity was released on July 1, 2018 ... and it's been a great ride so far. Over this past month, I've been travelling to Hobart, Victoria, Sydney on my mini-book tour. It's been such fun ... the future of Children's Literature is in safe hands with some amazing book stores and staff, both independent and chain. In all of these bookshops, I talked to lovely staff who are readers themselves, and so enthusiastic for the world of books, particularly children's literature. Thank you all for your warm welcome. I left bookmarks and signed copies (with their special label on the covers), but I left with a great appreciation of how much we owe them as authors and publishers ... just like we