Behind the scenes of a novel in the making

With 17 years of KidLit writing under my belt, I've learned from experience. In particular, when you're so close to a work-in-progress, you need the eyes of others to see it clearly ... like amiable writers who will swap critiques with you; or paying for professional critiques and appraisals. Those other eyes may see what you can't (and not just line errors, spelling, grammar etc), but in your characters and what they do and say, or a structure that doesn't quite work. It could be a subjective thing too ... not everything your critique buddies say is necessarily right for your story, it's from their personal viewpoint, remember. But if three critiques say the same thing you'd better take not

Sweet Adversity thrives on professional structural/copy edit

Four months ago, I'd promised to tell you a bit about Sweet Adversity's journey through a professional structural/copy edit with HarperCollins, my novel's publisher. Broken promise, I'm afraid! But I'm back again after finishing a fabulous editing experience under the professional and strong wings of the book's immediate publishing team, Nicola O'Shea, Lisa Berryman and Eve Tonelli. And we're a month ahead of schedule!! I know the writers amongst you will be interested in a behind the scenes look at a professional edit. So I'll share some of my observations over two blog posts. First thing to note though - Sweet Adversity's journey to publication is proof of never giving up on one's instinct